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Official SmallBall ProLeague Rules 2003 Edition


This code of rules is written to govern the playing of baseball games by teams of the Professional League of SmallBall Baseball Clubs, as identified each season by the Commissioner of SmallBall Baseball. We recognize that many amateur and non professional organizations play their games under professional rules, and we are happy to make our rules available as widely as possible. It is well to remember that specific rules may be modified to meet the needs of each group. Banning, long term suspensions and similar penalties imposed by this code are not practical for amateur groups, but officers and umpires of such organizations should insist on strict observance of all the rules governing the playing of the game. SmallBall Baseball not only has maintained its position as the Internet's favorite Game of the United States, but also has become an International Game being played in many countries. Its popularity will grow only as long as its players, managers, coaches, umpires and administrative officers respect the discipline of its code of rules.


Season: A Season is a block of time, usually 2 weeks, during which several things happen in the SmallBall Professional Leagues. Among those things are zeroing-out all player and team statistics, resolving prior season standings, and assigning game numbers for the scheduled Pro League Games. In general program code changes that might invalidate previously played games will occur on season boundaries, however this will not always be the case.

Game: For the purposes of this Pro League ruleset, a game is defined to be one of many scheduled games that are assigned a game number at the start of the season. Only the Visiting team may initiate a Pro League game.


Qualification List:
A team not in the Pro Leagues can earn a place on the Qualification List by initiating at least 10 games in the Big League, and maintaining an honor rating of at least 5.0. In the case of more qualifying teams than places on the list, the teams will be ranked first by win/loss ratio, and second by the team number, with lowest teams coming before higher-numbered teams of the same win/loss ratio. At the end of each season, teams on the Qualification list are moved into the Junior League, and are then considered members of the Pro League.

Standing tiebreakers: In the case of multiple teams with the same Pro League Win/Loss ratio, the order of the teams is determined by each teams' final ranking of the previous season. In the case of the Junior League, the team ranking on the qualification list is used. In the case of a tie where two or more teams in the previous season have moved from one ProLeague level to another the previous season's standings cannot be used to break a tie so the teams age (team ID) is used to break the tie. Older or lower team ID number will win the tie in this case.


Substitutions: No Player Substitutions are allowed during a game. One a game is initiated, the results are frozen and permanent, except as noted in the DISQUALIFICATION section.

Overthrows: Any number of bases may be advanced by base runners in the case of an overthrow or similar error, subject to the normal interpretation of a tag or force out.

Wall Contact: Any fly ball hitting a wall but not bouncing over the wall, is treated as a ball that has hit the ground and should be fielded accordingly.


Tie-games:If a game is tied at the bottom of the 9th inning after the 3rd out, then the 10th inning will be played in its entirety, except that the game may end if the winning run is scored by the team batting during the bottom of the inning. No tie-game will be recorded in any official report.

Slaughter-rule: If at the top of an inning one team is ahead by 30 or more runs, then the game is ended and the win credited to the player


SmallBall Baseball suggests that interested owners and fans score their games using a system based on that of the MLB. Information on that scoring system can be found here.

SmallBall scoring has the following differences from MLB scoring:

Base on Balls: If a batter takes 4 balls during his at-bat, he advances to 1st base and is credited with a single.
Sacrifice Fly: This is treated as an out for the batter. Any runs that come in during the play are credited to the batter as an RBI.
Infield Fly Rule: This MLB rule is ignored.
Errors: These are not tracked.
Hit on 3rd out: If the 3rd out is made on another player, the batter can receive a hit but not properly get a single, double or triple.
Winning hit in Extra Innings: A batter may not get a hit, single, double, triple or HR credited if the winning run is scored in extra innings.
In-the-park-home-run: This will generally not show as an at-bat, hit, single, double, triple, or home run on the batter's statistics.

Note that scoring will be occasionally adjusted during future updates to SmallBall.


A team may be disqualified for engaging in any of the behaviors listed in this section, at the discretion of the Commissioner of Smallball. Disqualification can include temporary or permanent removal from the Pro Leagues, enforced vacation from SmallBall, removal of rights to any teams, and/or some form of IP/E-mail blocking. The Commissioner and Smallball reserve the right to adjust season standings to reflect the disqualification and right any perceived wrongs.

Tampering: Any tampering with the configuration files of Smallball, whether on the hard disk or in computer memory.

Any change or reading of memory or the datastream between the SmallBall Servers and the player's computer. This includes use of any program or utility designed to make the Smallball server think it is talking to the player's SmallBall Trainer, Deluxe Trainer, or SmallBall program.

Throwing Games: Each Pro League team is expected to play its games, and to play them as well as it can. "Throwing" a game on purpose is highly discouraged, and the Commissioner will decide any penalties on a case-by-case basis.

©2002 by the Commissioner of SmallBall Baseball. All rights reserved. Any part of the Official Baseball Rules may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system now known or to be invented, unless specifically refused permission in writing from the Office of the Commissioner of SmallBall Baseball. The SmallBall Baseball logo is a registered trademark of SmallBall Baseball.

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