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Home Plate SEASON
Today: 4/18/2021
Season Days: 651
Season End: 7/21/2019
376831 SmallBall Teams
13004 games in this season
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The SmallBall season is 14 days. You can see when the next season will start on the upper right of this page. Below are some season oriented links.

The Top 100 BigLeague Teams:


Games that are going on right now


Teams that play the most games


See where your team stands in the BigLeagues or ProLeagues. See how
your team ranks against others:
How did your team do last season?

Honor Rating Top 100 Teams by Honor rating here


To qualify for the ProLeagues your team must initiate at least 5 games against a ProLeague team, and win one at least, have an honor rating of 5 or greater, and be on the qualification list above.

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How did your team do last season?


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World League TOP Countries

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Netherlands Philippines

Community Forums
Here SmallBall team owners compare notes, ask, and answer questions. Find an opponent or make a new friend.

A forum for new SmallBall team owners. Learn the finer points of SmallBall from those who've been there and done that.
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Trading Post
The place to trade and make deals. Sell your teams or buy some champions

Outside Forum
Got a heated rivalry? Throw off the gloves and take it outside!
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