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DT Troubleshooter
Here is a guide to the solutions to the most common DT problems

Check your Ticket Number
To enable the Deluxe Trainer you must enter a correct Ticket Code

Set the resolution of your screen
The Deluxe Trainer REQIRES a computer capable of 1024x768 resolution

DT needs Direct X 7 or better
Microsoft provides graphics drivers - DT needs Dx 7 or better to run smoothly

Install the latest SmallBall Client
You may have an older version of SmallBall - install the latest version

Ensure your monitor settings are correct (Windows XP / 2000)
If you hear DT, but can't see it, you probably need to reset your monitor settings

DT Help here!
Look here for tips on using the Deluxe Trainer


Check your Ticket Code

When you purchase your Deluxe Trainer, you will be sent a Ticket Code. This is a code that looks like this:


The code will come via email if you bought the DT from REAL Networks, or be included in the package if you got the CD-ROM version.

To enter the Ticket click on Settings on the Main SmallBall menu. Then select "Enter Ticket"

If it doesn't work, check your ticket and enter it again. You must enter the ticket exactly as it appears. If you don't have a Ticket code you will not be able to run the Deluxe trainer.

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Set the resolution of your screen

If your computer CANNOT display 1024x768 pixels with 16-bit color, you will not be able to run the Deluxe Trainer on that computer. Generally, this only a problem for graphics cards with less than 4MB of RAM.

On some older video cards the program cannot set the resolution. You can fix the problem by setting the resolution to 1024x768. To do this, right click anywhere on the desktop. Select Properties and choose Settings. Here you can change the resolution to 1024x768. You should also set the colors to 16-bit.

NOTE: For ATI RAGE video cards, you need to set the colors to 24-bit. If you don't have this setting available, try setting the resolution to 800x600 with 16-bit color.

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DT Needs Direct X 7.0 or better

If you have an older computer you may have an older verson of Direct X. Without Direct X 7 (or higher) DT will not run correctly. If you're not sure, you can download the lastest Direct X at Microsoft. Here is link directly to Direct X 81

Re-install the SmallBall Client Software

If you having trouble running the Deluxe Trainer, you may have an older version of SmallBall. To install the latest SmallBall, go to the Downloads page.

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Ensure your monitor settings are correct

If your screen is black or garbled, or your monitor is displaying an error which says something similar to "frequency out of range", you need to tell Windows the exact Make and Model of your monitor (especially if it is currently set to "Default" or "Generic monitor"). To correct your monitor settings:

  1. Right-click on the desktop
  2. Select "Properties"
  3. Select the "Settings" tab
  4. Click on the "Advanced" button on the lower right side
  5. Select the "Monitor" tab
  6. Click on the "Change" button
  7. Click the "Next" button
  8. Select the lower radio button ("Display a list of all the drivers...") and click "Next"
  9. Select the lower radio button ("Show all hardware")
  10. Select your monitor's Make on the left side, and
  11. Select the Model (or a similar one) on the right side!

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