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Finally Here!

You can own your own exclusive 600 team with a team ID between 600-699. Along with the giant ticket pack that came with the 700 teams (and other surprises) your 600 team will also have the never before released "Quote Ticket."   The Quote ticket enables you to put a custom message on the scoreboard during games.  The message also appears on your team page.  600 teams also have the option to get a UserLeague which enables you to run your own SmallBall league. 

600 Teams are available in the SmallBallMall now!

The Battlefield

by Draven

Draven's Battlefield

Look at these guys, small but determined.

Big hearts they have, eager to succeed.

They stand tall, heads up high,

Looking for their chance to shine.

To get that hit, to get that out,

To show the world what their all about.

As I watch these players march,

March onto the field of battle,

I cannot help but feel proud.

Proud of their actions,

Proud of their abilities.

As I watch them depart

I can see the gleam in their eyes

Excited about their victory,

Satisfied with their efforts,

And looking forward to the next battle.

I have observed that baseball is not unlike war, and when you get right down to it, we batters are the heavy artillery. 
~Ty Cobb

Knowing Your Team

Knowing your team

How well do you really know your players?

From the very beginning, I came into this game thinking that with only 4 skills determining your player's performance, how hard could this game really be? Let's just put it this way, if I had a dollar for every time I've changed my methods, my pockets would be stuffed. After playing this game for about a half a year, and often discussing these methods during chat sessions at SmallBall. Central, there are a few things I've figured out and I'd like to share them with you.

How many of you from season to season have 3 guys on your team that never plays a single inning? Or how many of you don't even train your 1B or Catcher in catching or throwing? Or how about your pitcher? Do you give him training in other skills? I would be willing to guess that the majority of owners use the method of finding their 9 best players and sticking with them. And find themselves in a rut or find a plateau and never get better. Well, what if I were to tell you that basically you have 12 interchangeable parts and it all depends on training that separates each player. As other owners have stated in the past, each player has it's own genetics that determine skill retention. Some players hold certain skills better than others and are different from player to player. It is your job as a manager to recognize these strengths and weaknesses with every player if you want to maximize each player's potential.

By using the focus training method and using a schedule that regularly addresses each skill of hitting, catching, running and throwing…you can determine which players hold their skills better than others. For example, if you were to run your players, the players will align themselves in the sort list. And after addressing the same skill over a period of time, you can begin to see a trend where players will drop in the ratings faster than others. By using this method with all of your skills, you can determine each player's strengths and weaknesses.

Using one of my players as an example, Steelhead Fred, I can demonstrate how I cater to every player's needs. After focus training for a few seasons, I began to see a trend that Steelhead Fred was consistently in the top 3 in the sort list in Catching and Throwing, but always in the middle to lower area of the sort list in hitting and running. By experimenting, I began to realize that I could go awhile without training him in Catching and Throwing for more than a few days. I then began to concentrate on Hitting and Running every other day and sprinkle in the Catching and Throwing when his spot in the sort list began to slip. The following result, a player that is usually in the top 5 in every category. Now is it always as simple as that? My answer would be NO. There are players that I label as just plain stubborn, and I employ the use placing them on the bench to give them an extra Training Pie to boost their skills. In essence, I have about 4-5 guys that really struggle in certain skills, and they need to be rotated to the bench at various times during the season to get extra attention.

The real necessity is to make some sort of schedule, maybe using a spreadsheet to help you organize the skills. And having a schedule for each player is a necessity to maximize their skills. In essence, I can create with the use of specialized training and making the use of extra Training Potential available from placing them on the bench, 12 interchangeable parts that I could place anywhere on the baseball field depending where and when they reach the skills necessary to put them in the positions I desire.

You have to remember that each player is different. Some players are easier to train than others. What are the resources available to us? One training Pie every 24 hours…two for benchies. And the ability to diversify our own training methods. So hopefully this will help some that need it. Anyone is always welcome to discuss these issues with myself or with other owners at SmallBall. Central.

Good Luck and Good Training!


The Country Bumpkins 7351/lil' bumpkins 30724

.From HPN 2002

Custom Stadium Guide: How to Create and Use

Custom Stadiums

The game of SmallBall consists of two parts, those being the training of your team and viewing the games. Thanks to some simple edits of the program files, you can completely customize the stadium skins that your team plays their games in.

There are a couple of things you should know before we discuss the actual creation of skins. Whatever you create or use will only be seen by you, on that computer. If you use a custom Brickyard skin with your team logo in center field, opponents will still see the default Brickyard image when facing your team. Also noteworthy, is that any changes you make to the dimensions, wall height, and base path angles will not change the game play. SmallBall has these stadium characteristics already programmed and the game will look the same no matter what image you place behind it. Thus it is advised that you use skins in which the dimensions are identical to the default for the best viewing experience.

So you may have seen some custom stadiums and wanted to make your own, whether for public use or specially designed for your team. The first step is to find image editing software. While something like Photoshop is regarded by many as the best, it comes with a price and there are free options available for download. Paint.NET, GIMP, and even Microsoft Paint (which is a standard program on many PCs) are the most popular of these. The latter does not provide as many tools as the first two but is still usable. Next, open the image of the stadium that you wish to customize. The stadiums can be found in: C: > My Games > SmallBall > Ball > 800. Always be absolutely certain that the skin you are creating is the same image dimensions as the original! Using many layers will be the method to go with, as you can move objects in front of or behind each other, and if you mess up it is easy to just delete a layer. For example, create a layer for the base paths, a layer for the grass, and so on. Most programs will allow you to duplicate or merge layers, and you will get in the habit of taking advantage of those options. I often duplicate a layer and use a flip tool on the copy. This gives you two foul poles that are identical and other items that appear on both sides of the stadium. Try to “trace” the infield lines and bases’ locations so that the game will be accurate when watching. The options with custom stadiums are nearly limitless, you can go from here and as you get more experience your final images will become better and better. When saving the image, save it as both the default file type for that program, as well as a JPEG. This will enable you to go back and make changes to layers, and the JPEG is the file type that SmallBall accepts.

Now that you have created a custom stadium skin, or even just plan to use another member’s, you must know how to use it. Simply copy the JPEG file of the stadium and move or paste it into C: > My Games > SmallBall > Ball > 800. Rename the file to the file name of the park that it is replacing (for example, Brickyard is park7). It is a smart idea to make a copy of the default park and save it in another folder, so that if you ever decide to revert it won’t involve asking for someone to host the image for you to save. If you had SmallBall open, you may need to exit and re-open the application to see your new stadium.

For the football world, there is only the default stadium to use. In my opinion, these are much easier to edit as the walls and objects can simply sit towards the top of the image at a 180 degree angle, whereas baseball has the curved walls or other challenges. Simply follow the path: C: > My Games > Football > Goal > 800 to find P, which is the default skin.

Anyone who has been around the SmallBall Forums knows that the stadium craze will come and go quickly and often. Some weeks may see a dozen stadiums published, while another month might not see a single new image. Just remember to post your masterpiece for all to see and use, if you wish. Whether you want to replicate Fenway in Brickyard or paint an “oaf” stadium with unicorns and rainbows, SmallBall gives you the choice to view games in your own stadium

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Pick me out a winner, Bobby
- Roy Hobbs

Introducing the commemorative
Season 100 stadium
Centennial Park

Here is the official Season 100 stadium.

Note: Since this Stadium becomes your HOME stadium, your team will play here ONLY during home games and Exhibition games.


Baseball is the only major sport that appears backwards in a mirror.  ~George Carlin

Clan Wars: Behind the Code


It's been over 8 years now that I've been playing this game. During that time I learned a lot, perhaps not enough about training my team but I have learned a lot about writing websites and such. I can trace all of that directly back to Smallball. Started by modifying some PHPbb forums and it went from there. I wanted to do something for the community and during discussion of Clan Wars the idea came to me. Sometime ago I was in a league that really impressed me, well the system the league used did. I can't recall when it was or even what the league was called, but I remember that Raliegh Reds had a hand in it all. The part that really impressed me was how the system handled tracking and scheduling games. I knew that my coding skills were finally at a point that I could build a system like it and maybe even make some improvements. Baseball is a game all about statistics and I thought that tracking stats for players and teams would be a really good way to head with it.

From the day I volunteered and the committee agreed I spent nearly 3 weeks working tirelessly to design and build a system capable of doing the things I knew it could. This is by far the most complex system I have done in such a short period of time. Designing a system requires that I think ahead to anticipate any problems that might arise and plan to deal with them. It is probably one of the hardest tasks to come up with not only a list of problems but their solutions.

A while back I had built a system that parsed (read) the boxscores and I figured I'd just use that with a little modification. Turns out I couldn't find it. Rebuilding that portion, which is the cornerstone of the whole system, took the longest amount of time. In order to curtail cheating I had the system check the team pages to verify the scores. This meant that users had to wait till the game was over to report. I think this is one thing I would change in the system and have the games be checked at the end of the day.

Turns out there were some errors that I didn't count on, some basic ones where I simply mixed up a variable here or there. Others were more major: 10* team pages are different than all others, Multiple innings in a boxscore and name changes of players and teams. In the end I got all of them solved, except I still hadn't fixed where the character | appeared in team/player names. This really screwed things up. I have a solution for it but I didn't want to rework the code to a system that is pretty much working.

One of the last issues was that ERA was not working correctly. It still isn't quite working right even though I redid it a few times. The largest flaw of Clan Wars was my lack of anticipating forfeits, I had just figured everyone would be determined to win clan wars and would play every game like it were a PL game. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Overall I'd say the system was a success. If it were to be used again for Clan Wars I'd make changes, but overall I was happy with the outcome. I really would like to use the system in the next one depending on what everyone wants to do. I do have a plan to revise the system and put it to other uses. Everyone should keep their eye out for that.

by Lithodora

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A game of great charm in the adoption of mathematical measurements to the timing of human movements, the exactitudes and adjustments of physical ability to hazardous chance.  The speed of the legs, the dexterity of the body, the grace of the swing, the elusiveness of the slide - these are the features that make Americans everywhere forget the last syllable of a man's last name or the pigmentation of his skin.  ~Branch Rickey
Skip's Dugout

The Dugout

The dugout was the closest thing Skip ever had to an office.

He would show up long before practice or a game if they had one that day just to tinker with the line-ups and go over the notes he had written over previous practices or games. Skip saw the game of baseball in a more romantic way than most do, and his view of an empty field in the morning was a sort of inspiration to his work. Most of all, he enjoyed the solitude of his little 'office'...within the hour it would turn into a haven of vulgar jokes, complaints, and only half- true stories about the previous night's adventures. For the time being, though, it was a place of peace and contemplation - just the way Skip liked it.

'Hiya Skip!', rang a cheery voice from the door of the dugout. Skip didn't flinch, but failed to suppress a vain across the side of his forehead that could be seen from a mile away. Without turning to look at who it was, Skip said, 'Hey, whatcha need? Practice doesn't start for another 45 minutes.' The answer came with a chuckle, 'Heh; I need ya to quit being so damn grumpy and come shake my hand.' The coach wasn't used to being talked to in this manner in his office, and the vain swelled to twice it's previous size, now looking as though a miniature Mario and Luigi could slide down it to Level 2. Skip turned and said, 'Well you can take your request and stick it right up...Lenny? What're you doing here? I haven't seen you in ages, boy; how've you been?' A fairly pleasant conversation ensued, where Lenny explained that in his time away from the team he had landed a job in real estate, and was back in town visiting family.

'How're the guys? Pub, Fargo, Jeremy, Aric...they doin' alright? I hate to say it, but I probably won't be here long enough to see 'em. I'm s'posed to meet a few of my cousins over at the Waffle House right now; just stopped by to say "hey".', Lenny said with a half-shrug.

'The guys...hm. Pub doesn't talk much anymore. He works as hard as any of the young guys, though, I can tell ya that. He's looking to get back into the swing of things, but I'm starting to think he's over the hump. Fargo's arm turned into a noodle a few seasons ago, and since then invited his moron brother to play with us...he didn't last long. Still having to put up with that crap now, matter of fact. Jeremy's on and off the bench as always, but is still the same old Jeremy - too damn nice to care. Aric's been missing practices off and on the last year or so; it's affecting his play, too. I give him some lee-way because he's still working on getting that law degree.', Skip explained, 'But Angus tells me the guys never see him outside baseball anymore.'

'Sounds like nothing's changed. It was good seein' ya again, coach, but I've got a date with some bacon...and before you start; no - I'm not talking about my wife. Ha-ha.', Lenny said with a wave that was reciprocated with a rare wave back from the coach. Skip always got along famously with Lenny...it had given him real joy to see him again. Rather than returning to his checking and re-checking the line- ups, Skip spent the next 15 minutes or so reminiscing about the old days of coaching...the less stressful days, where he was a tad more friendly with his players.

Practice ended early that day due to a game with a team from Chattanooga. 'Alright boys, this is no exhibition game,' Skip began, with nearly half of his audience actually paying attention. 'This is a league game. Every win helps us move to the next division. This team's coming to our park; let's make them feel welcome. Now get out there and stretch.' Skip always liked to see who would partner up for catch after the stretches. Harvey and Steve went off to the bullpen as always, which left Lance to have a catch with Angus. Fargo and Pub partnered up as always almost out of habit, though their days of being steady starting pitcher and catcher were long gone. Sledge and Jeremy partnered up, though Sledge had first attempted to talk Al and Dwayne into a triangle catch, as Jeremy unknowingly was annoyingly condescending towards Sledge with comments such as, 'Whoa! Nice throw, bud; that one hurt my hand!' Aric and Pat were the only two who hadn't immediately drifted toward a part ner. Both shrugged in unison to show that they neither liked nor disliked their pick of throwing partners, and warmed up in silence.

Skip wasn't the most attentive coach during games. He had an old book of crossword puzzles based on baseball history, which he was a big fan of. While the players were in the field, he would occasionally bark an adjustment or 'constructive criticism' based on their performance in the previous play, but while the team was on offense he would bury himself in a crossword puzzle. 'How come you never watch us bat, coach? You sure have a lot to say while we're in the field, but never coach us while we're at the plate,' Sledge commented in the bottom of the 6th, with the team down 2-1. 'I give you guys enough hitting advice in practice. When it comes to the games, you guys coach each other enough without me getting in the way - now go coach.', Skip said with an annoyed tone, motioning his head towards the edge of the dugout where a line of players were cheering Pub on.

As the game wore on, Skip kept up with his crossword. In the bottom of the 8th, Lance slid into some empty pine to his left. 'Crunch time, coach. Might want to start watching. We're all locked up at 6, 2 outs on us...but the boys are rallying!' Skip shook off the comment like a pitcher shaking off a sign. '1946 World Series Champion Cardinals - Whitey blank. Eight letters. Little help?', Skip asked, taking a long drag off his cigarette. 'Seriously coach - you said yourself this is a league game, aren't you even the least bit scared?', Lance asked in desperation. They both flinched at the crack of the bat and watched as Angus knocked yet another run in, making the score 7-6. 'Yeah, Lance. I'm petrified.', Skip said with a smile, filling up the last answer of his crossword puzzle with KUROWSKI.

Don't forget FREE DT FRIDAYS!
Every Friday the Deluxe Trainer is FREE. Make sure you have Training Potential on Fridays!!!

SB Strategies

by Shane, aka mmmm…toasty

Part I: Watching Games

You may not realize it, but watching games is a crucial aspect to determining the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Its not very fun watching every 30 minute game though. So what can you do about it? Well, here are some tips to help you get through those menacing minutes:

1. Take notes. Write down who is doing what and who needs to get training in a certain area. It will keep you focused and on the ball. If your batter continually gets thrown out by the left fielder before reaching first, you might want to write down “LF-run”. Does he keep hitting foul balls? Write down for him to get in some swing skill training. Use abbreviations to make it easier on yourself.

2. Play some music. Whether it’s Pink Floyd, Jay Z, or the Sesame Street theme song, music can help you to kick back and relax while watching the game. If you want to play a rally song when you are down 4-2 in the bottom of the ninth, more power to you. Eye of the Tiger when you are down 15-0 in the first? Whatever floats your boat. Just make sure you pay at least some attention to the game.

3. Have a party. Have a couple nights a week where you can get together with some friends, have a few beers (or soft drinks), and order some pizzas delivered while watching the game. Not the NFL game, the smallball game. The smallball game? Yes, the smallball game. Why not add a little flare to it? Just make sure you give the delivery guy a tip.

Whether you enjoy watching games or not, make sure you keep a keen eye over how your players perform. You’ll never know that O.J. needed catch training if you didn’t see him constantly missing those fly balls last game. It may end up costing you from moving up a PL league, or even worse, costing you a PL 1 championship.

The myth, DT teams are better than ST.
For years I heard the same thing over and over again. If you want to have the best possible team, you've gotta get the DT. The wording always changed, as did who spoke the words but the message was always the same. "If you want to win, you have to have DT"

I am here to tell you once and for all, that is false. You can have a solid, and challenging team without purchasing the Deluxe Trainer. Consider the following.

First, In the DT you must train for power and contact separately. Much of the time a trainer will "forget" about one of those important skills in order to train more in the other. Well, let me ask you this what good is having alot of "power skill" if your guys can't touch the ball? In the ST the batting skills are all grouped together! Which means in one session at bat your guys get ALL THREE skills, power, contact and swing skill training. Oh yeah, and don't tell me about the "ST Power Bug" any dedicated trainer can easily over come that little glitch. Simply skip TWO batting training sessions, and come back on the 3rd. Trust me, you'll make up what you lost PLUS MORE! I've studied this in depth!

Second, don't preach to me about that running track! Running in the ST is as easy as 1,2,3. If you're like me, and have bad hands all you have to do is download a "Mouse Recorder" go through the actions ONCE, and let the program do the rest. Here is a quick tip! Put your pitcher at 3rd base, and select him. Turn on "Field Balls" and let him catch one ball (there SHOULD BE two thrown at him) as long as he catches one you're ok. You're also good if he goes for it and picks it up. Be sure to turn "Field Balls" off before he has a chance to throw it to anyone else! Now you can easily run 10 players at once! LF, CF, RF, 3rd, SS, 2nd, C, 2 Bench players and now (since he is your 3rd basemen) the guy on the pitchers mound. This makes running quick and easy (and fun!)

From the DT

Third, I don't need no stinking catching circle! Common, select your 3rd basemen. Turn on "Field Balls" and let him catch one at his spot. Turn "FB" off. Just drag him EVERY SO SLIGHTLY away from his base! He will drop the ball, and pick it back up. BAM! Catch training.

Fourth, make use of the Free DT Friday if you want! Just arrange your schedule to give your team Thursday off if you want to use Free DT Friday! I always trained super early (as soon as it began) and again late at night before the promotion ended. Thus giving me TWO sessions each with nearly half pies.

Let me stress this, I am NOT saying you shouldn't support SmallBall! I'm just saying you do not NEED the Deluxe Trainer to field a competitive team! Use the money you save and buy a couple lefty tickets. Maybe snag yourself a stellar home park, and train your team to be deadly there! You can have a strong team without the DT. I Promise, just give it a try!

mlthmp / Lazarus

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Earn it to Own it!


Until further notice there is another way to own your team besides buying it, you can earn it.   If you can make your expired team 7stars you can own your team!   More information is available in the SmallBall forum:

The Soccer Club

SmallBall Stickers


Send a self addressed, stamped envelope to:

PO Box 3301
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

We will send you 5-10 stickers for FREE

Compare notes with other SmallBall team owners!  Join the forum and be a part of the SmallBall Community.

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You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time. ~Jim Bouton, Ball Four, 1970

Smallball Football iz BACK!!

SmallBall Football

I will like to say hello to all you smallball trainer and take some time letting you know about smallball football. If you may or may not see footy was NOT active as baseball, the reason is alot of trainer feel baseball is easy and more fun well guess again... here are some reasons to give football a try. In December of 2008 i came back to play smallball and i saw BryceHockey league SBNHL. The SBNHL started out with a few teams and Now in September of 2009 the league has over 20+ teams. I join the league in the 2nd season thanks to Oaf for letting me train one of his team and then i join again in the 4th season with 2 of my football teams. i wasn't a big soccer fan but after training and learning the sport its fun. I will like to thank BryceHockey, Epiphanic, and Greek Wizard for keeping the league running & nice job keeping it fun and also i want to give a special thanks all the trainers because of you the league was a big hit. In the spring of 2009 Commish told everyone if you train your team to 7* you will have the team Unlock. Alot of trainers jump on the Challenge and NRaider help with the growing of Smallball Football. Since that post was posted over 93 teams are in the Pro leagues and more getting ready to enter them. Smallball Football has 104 teams in the PL and 138+ teams being train each day so great job Commish and NRaider. In April i wanted to help also so i started my own league which is Smallball MLS. The league started out slow due to everyone playing in the SBNHL. Later in the 2nd season the league had more teams. Smallball MLS will grow more in time i will like to thank my staff YagaDan the Event Commissioner which is doing a great job and Larryb the Eastern Conference Commissioner without you guys the league would have ended before it started and the trainers for joining and playing in the league thanks. If any New trainer will like to join the leagues check out the forums for more information.

-NYYankeesFan a.k.a WiL

A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz. ~Humphrey Bogart

SmallBall Football
Quick Train Tickets

Get quick train tickets for, running, driving, dribbling, kicking, aiming, interception, reaction time and goalie training. Train the entire team in each skill instantly. 7 tickets in all!


A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings. ~Earl Wilson

WiLd LiFe's Poem

I found this game 
while surfing the net,
Its called SmallBall
and it's great, I bet.

I started the download
Then read all the rules,
It seemed pretty simple
just train 12 fools.

They'll do what you want
Play 24 hours a day,
Give them all names
Make them train and play.

Its called "Artificial Intelligence"
They have minds of their own,
Causing unforeseen problems
I can hear commish moan.

But he's working very hard
The game is getting better,
I'll keep playing every day
Can I test the new trainer?

WiLd LiFe
ID # 4688

Win Stadiums

Need for Speed

by Tom North

Perhaps the old Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine Nike commercial has inspired SmallBall owners. You remember … "Chicks dig the long ball". That might explain such prolific clouters as Lyle Longway (311 HRs, 1 every 2.46 AB's for the Spruce Grove Chaos), Billy Jo Jim Bob (205 HRs, 1 every 3.39 AB's for the Country Bumpkins) and Lapidado (590 HRs, too many AB's to calculate for Pilluelos) making SmallBall look like a park district slo-pitch softball league. Take nothing away from these owners, mind you. They are encouraged to swing for the fences during training. The "Use swing power to win games" message on the Jumbotron just can't be ignored!

And now, to offset this horsehide barrage, owners are trying to optimize their pitching. Strategies to identify the best pitcher on your staff sound great. But this process is much more complicated than just dragging every hitter to the plate and letting them hack away until their pie is empty!

Kids, when you're first starting out, don't try this at home. Assuming that the billboards on the outfield walls will no longer contain magical powers, it can take quite some time to build your team's slugging percentage. It also takes time to develop good throwing and catching skills. So what's my advice to a new owner just starting out? RUN, FOREST, RUN!!

Developing good foot speed has advantages both offensively and defensively:

I have seen many an infield hit set the table for my power hitters because my 1-2 hitters legged out grounders to short and third.

In the field, you gotta get to the others guy's hits in a hurry. Those bases seem like 90mm apart, not 90 feet. If you're lumbering like Greg Luzinski, their triples will add up rapidly.

Finally, have you seen what these little guys do to protect their weak arms? That's right, they run until they are close enough to the cut-off man or the first baseman before making their throw. So, if you have speed, it can offset weak throwing to a certain extent.

One last tip. If you are only gonna develop speed in one player, make sure it's the centerfielder. Ever notice who runs up to help the pitcher pick up that missed throw? That's right, the centerfielder. Ever notice how, on a shot to the gap, right and left fielders look like they're selling popcorn instead of playin' the field? Yup, the centerfielder tracks those gappers down. And ever wonder how the middle infielders get away with just watching slow rollers dribble through to stop on the fringe of the outfield grass? Me, too, but I know who backs 'em up! THE CENTERFIELDER!

So, I hope this little piece has been helpful for some. Frankly, though, my time is up, 'cause … I GOTTA RUN! :o)

Charles City Comets (#11290)a.k.a. William Ruhe, Klondiak Klubbers (#11460)a.k.a. William Wrigley, '69 Cubbies (#11507)

 Reprinted from a long ago HPN

no free tickets

By Roughnecks

Clan Wars:2009, is something SmallBallers' have been asking for all year. With a few other attempts in the past have failed, it was time to put things together. A few of most important things that is different is the assembling of the Clan Wars Committee assembled by myself, and the Clan Wars System put together by Lithodora. The Committee organized a meeting in which each clan had two voting members. During the meeting, they discussed such things as the number of teams, the rules and regulations, and a fair but competitive format. The format took the most time to come to a decision. Thats the one thing that has been the hardest to decide on in the past, and this time, it was no different. Everybody fell in love with the system Lithodora assembled. He put many man hours in to it, and it showed. We all love stats, and the system was full of them.

Is Clan Wars good for Smallball? You bet it is. The participation in clans skyrocketed. Some trainers such as Redbirds and Epiphanic, 
who went clanless for most of their careers, now joined in on the action. Clans have been a huge part of SmallBall for so many years, and now they have a chance to show off their goods. 

Some new clans such as DtW and *JBO*, were among the pack as participants. The older clans like XsT, PvT, and AcA were there as well. The one clan that shocked the community by their inability to form a team was SBD. Although, a lot of it's members joined AcA in it's fight to be the best.
*JBO* sported the Smurfs avatars, while XsT retaliated with their own version, Gargamel. Theses two clans are havening a lot of fun with this aspect of the game. A few call outs have been posted using the "Smurf" as a pilot to the mischief. Will the Smurfs ever be caught by Gargamel? We will find out. 

As things wind down, hopefully this years Clan Wars will pave the way for future Clan Wars. We now have a system that we can all rely on, trust, and look forward to. Most of all, the trainers are having a lot of fun playing games, posting scores, stat tracking, and reading the commentary. And that is what Clan Wars is all about. The fun.

Pitchers, like poets, are born not made.  ~Cy Young

Coming Soon:
The Web Coach

Web Coach

Did you ever hear of the Web Coach? 

What is it?  The Web Coach is simply the most powerful training tool ever created.  It allows you to train your team from a web page without the SmallBall client.   Here is how it works.    The Web Coach ticket is a KEY to open the the Web Coach from your team page:

training card

Opening the Web Coach you will see the training card:

Here you see all the players on the team, their individual star ratings and exactly how much TP they have.  You can select what skills to train and then instantly train each player with any combination of skills.  Its like having a Custom QT ticket for each player.  When training is done the Web Coach will report all the training gains for each player.

More to come on the Web Coach, stay tuned!

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 HPN 9/2009